Strange Loop


The composer Julius Holtz and the video artist Jemma Woolmore combine their work within the structures of the Kleiner Wasserspeicher in Prenzlauer Berg. The former water reservoir became the setting for an installation concert in which performers interact with light, architecture, and spatial sound. The senses can no longer find any points of reference. The focus is lost: Sound, light, and space fuse into an entity. The artists demand time from their audience. The senses have to adapt – only then does the effects of light and sound develop. The smallest impressions and changes are suddenly noticed.
For the spectator’s imagination, the installation becomes a projection screen. Dream-like experiences set in. The work is designed as a long durational concert-installation. It explores an approach to non-linear time, blurring the boundaries between installation and concert. Between hearing and seeing. A place of intuitive listening and synaesthetic experience.

Strange Loop is a Concert installation for tam-tam, two trombones, electronics, two projectors, and led lights, Berlin, 2019

A composition by Julius Holtz (sound) and Jemma Woolmore (visuals).

With Hilary Jeffery (trumpet and trombone), Benjamin Jefferys (trombone) & Catherine Wersuhn (self-oscillating tam-tam).


Funded by Musikfonds, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien and Initiative Neue Musik Berlin