About me.


I am an artist, a New Zealander and a mother currently based in Berlin.

My art practice explores the spatial and emotional possibilities of light, sound and image in immersive and performative environments. As my main form of artistic expression I gravitate towards audio-visual performance; I enjoy the element of improvisation, that ‘in the moment’ magic of performance. In my performances I craft abstract worlds that fluctuate ambiguously in scale between the micro and macro, responding intuitively with sound and environment.

My projects are increasingly varied in their form, they are often collaborative and tend to evolve in both real and virtual spaces. Creating experiences that engulf and move people is my intent. Currently, I am investigating the possibilities of immersive experiences to build worlds and tell meaningful stories from other-than-human perspectives.

The topics that fascinate me are: the entanglement of earth systems with human systems, making the invisible visible, storytelling as a tool for change and amplifying non-human perspectives. The question ‘How can my work challenge and motivate audiences to take action, to become engaged?’ is a new one that motivates me.

I get excited about cross-disciplinary collaboration and am pushing my practice towards projects that bring together art, science and technology.

My artwork is shown internationally,  with recent presentations at Gropius Bau Berlin (DE), Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (CA), Mass MOCA (USA), MIRA festival (ES), Mapping festival (CH), Sonos Studio (USA), Node festival (DE).