13 min, full-dome film, 2021

Hyphosphere is inspired by the life cycle of fungi and through this topic explores the broader ideas of cycles in nature and the interconnectedness and complexity in ecosystems. Following the fungi life cycle from the first release of miniature spores, through the expansive underground network of mycelium and onto the flourishing of fungi forms on the earth surface, Hyphosphere reveals natural systems and processes on a micro scale that happen often unseen by the human eye. Through this audio-visual experience the audience traverses the natural elements of air, earth and light and through these stages we follow the different structures and forms taken during the fungi cycle, spawning in the wind, expanding under the earth, growing upwards into the sunlight and finally returning to the starting point, completing a full cycle.

Fungi and their mycelium are a fundamental part of forest ecosystems and studies show that a mycelium network can carry information across its vast underground structures to other plants in the forest, connecting and communicating with the forest ecosystem.  The name of this project – Hyphosphere – is the area of growth and region of influence of a mycelium network.  Mycelium are underground structures created by fungi and are made up of many individual Hypha or Hyphae, branching and connecting to form the intricate Mycelium networks.  The term incorporates Hypho – from Hyphae and Sphere – region of influence or ball like shape, which also links to the half sphere of the dome format and alludes to bringing the audience into a new sphere of experience – the region of the mycelium.

The video is a collaborative production with Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace. Art direction and sound design by Jemma Woolmore, video realisation by Claire Willeman and Jerome Tromson from Le Dominicains and sound spatialisation by Vladislav Isaev.

Hyphosphere Full-Dome video 13 mins, Dome Master 4096 x 4096.  For screening enquiries please contact info(at)jemmawoolmore(dot)com

Production credits.

  • Art Direction: Jemma Woolmore
  • Video creation:  Claire Willeman and Jerome Tromson
  • Sound Design: Jemma Woolmore
  • Sound Spatialisation: Vladislav Isaev


  • 1 July 2021, premier, Le Dominicains de Haute-Alsace
  • 1 July - 30 August, summer season, Le Dominicains de Haute-Alsace
  • 8 Oct 2021, Official selection Fulldome Festival, Jena