Fragile Things (Iteration I)

Solo audio-visual project, 2021.

Of Fragile Things – Iteration I is a four part music piece, an audio-visual performance and a series of 100 limited edition art prints.  The music  Fragile Things I – IV -is released by Feral Note records on the first of their Klangbox compilation series for which I designed the cover artwork.

Fragile Things I – IV is a musical exploration of my ongoing investigations into the multiple, intricate and fragile connections between living and non-living systems. The four parts were originally created as one long work intended as an audio-visual performance, so in development I envisioned it more like a film soundtrack. The work is designed to take you on an emotional journey that fluctuates between unease and euphoria.

In production I was interested in hidden forces and the ability to reveal them through sound. These pieces weave together electromagnetic field recordings and a curious singing sound that frozen bodies of water make; playing with tension and connection between the organic and industrial.

The visuals are an abstract representation of this journey through shifting form and texture.  A collage of techniques was used to create the visual artwork including video, 3D animation and simple 2D graphic and textural elements.

Listen to the music here.

View the art prints here.



2 Sept 2021, Klang Box I release event, Berlin.

3 Dec 2021, The Space Race Conference, Online.