Leaking Bodies

VR Experience, 2021-22

Leaking Bodies is a virtual reality (VR) project that explores the hidden energies and activities of materials connecting the atmosphere and living beings. Through storytelling, soundscape and VR worlding we explore the interconnections of Tree, Stone, Cloud and Human. Each of these are represented as living, leaky bodies in a virtual world which makes visible their exchange of particles with one another; incorporating the visitor into these cooperative systems. Decay, evaporation, photosynthesis, cloud formation, electromagnetic fields, cosmic energy; so many processes of energy and material circulation connect us with all living beings in a relationship of exchange. In the virtual space of ‘Leaking Bodies’ visitors can interact with these bodies to reveal hidden narratives that develop a personal connection to the beings in the space. These stories are written from human and non-human perspectives through which we evoke memory and experience, questioning whether these are only human abilities or are in fact possessed by all matter.



Using a playful and inquisitive process we experimented with photogrammetry, 3D printing and the Unity game engine. We recorded electromagnetic fields in the exhibition space and outside the building using a SOMA Ether electromagnetic field microphone. We wrote stories from human and non-human perspectives and crafted soundscapes from voice, EMF sounds and field recordings of rain and wind.



As a mentor for the Stretching Senses School I was part project leader and part creator for this project. My contributions to this project included:

  • Art direction,
  • Research
  • Story writing
  • Field recording
  • Creation of the VR soundscape.



Feb 2022 exhibition »Stretching Materialities« Tieranatomisches Theater, Berlin.


This project was created as part of the Stretching Senses School at the Matters Of Activity Cluster of Excellence at Humboldt University, in response to the exhibition »Stretching Materialities« of the MoA project Object Space Agency Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin.

Project Team

  • Hugo Larqué
  • Charlotte Roschka
  • Mickey van Olst (Mentor)
  • Jemma Woolmore (Mentor)
  • Karolina Żyniewicz