Sound Affects: 
Music And Mood

An Installation at Sonos Studio, Los Angeles

Sounds Affects: music and mood” is an audio-visual journey through distinct spaces that translates emotions into multi-dimensional experiences of abstract shapes and textures, movements and sound. Sonos Studio is exposing the subconscious, making room for intimate feelings to become a little more public. Exploring the idea that music affects us all, and that sounds can produce real change.
For this exhibition I created mapped video across the interior and exterior surfaces of large geodesic structures throughout the space.  Working in collaboration with architects P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S and sounds designer Jon Berson, three distinctly different spaces evolved to transform audiences mood as they traverse the gallery.  Custom mapped visuals, spanning 7 projectors, illuminated textured walls, revealing the geodesic surfaces, echoeing and amplifying the sound and creating a transformational audience experience.