Bach the Minimalist

A collaboration with ensemble La Tempête, 2019 - ongoing

Bach the Minimalist is an audio visual show created in collaboration with ensemble orchestra La Tempête and brings together the live 20 player orchestra with a complex geometric stage design and video mapping.

The music repertoire fuses Johann Sebastian Bach with minimalist contemporary music from Steve Reich, John Adams, Henryk Górecki, Knut Nystedt and Jehan Alain.  The visuals are designed to enliven patterns and repetition in the music as well as highlight emotional undertones and subtleties in the repertoire.  Creating visual stories that evolve throughout the show.

For this project I designed a complex set of structures that sit onstage throughout the orchestra players; at once removing the divide between player and visual as well as immersing the orchestra in a visual landscape.

The complex mapping is achieved using the Mad Mapper video mapping software and for the performance I use live visual software Resolume so that I can intuitively perform the visuals alongside the orchestra.



Conductor and director of La Tempête : Simon-Pierre Bestion

Art Direction: Jemma Woolmore

Live video performance: Jemma Woolmore

Production: La Tempête




Past Performances

  • 2022
  • April 18, Thuringia Bach Festival
  • April 8, Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-bains
  • April 7, Théâtre - Opéra de Compiègne
  • 2021
  • Oct 9, Argenteuil, FR
  • 2019
  • Nov 11, Bouffes du Nord, Paris, FR
  • Aug 5, MA Festival, Bruges, BE
  • Apr 30, Limoges Opera, FR
  • Mar 29, Le Dominicains, Alsace, FR
  • Mar 26, Scene Nationale Brive, FR
  • Jan 13, Sophie Dessus Auditorium, Uzerche FR