The Secrets of the Universe

A collaboration with Simonne Jones

Artist Simonne Jones conceived of The Secrets of the Universe project for her 6 month residency at the Platoon Artist Lab.  She approached me to collaborate with her to create projections and a live video performance that responded to the project title ‘The Secrets of the Universe’ and interact with the responsive LED paintings she was creating.

The project revolved around the following themes:

The birth and death of the universe, entropy, anti matter and dark energy, the theory of relativity, energy and the transformation of energy.

I responded to this scientifically dense subject matter by exploring children’s science experiments and the materials used in these experiments.  I played with food colouring in hot and cold water to show the increase of energy, I created homemade crystals from sugar and from salt and I experimented with gelatin and its ability to transition from a liquid to solid state. I created glitter whirlpools in bottles, I tested the expansion of the universe balloon model with a sequined covered balloon and I played with the refraction of light and image through glass and jelly.

Below are images of the final installation followed by my research process and the material experiments.


Project details

  • Visual design and production
  • Installation
  • Audio-visual performance
  • Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin, 2013.