An exploration of light, sound and architecture.

Pendulum [work in progress], 2016 was created during a one month residency with Musician André Uhl, facilitated by Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace.
This piece is an exploration of the large echoing spaces at Les Dominicains monastery, highlighting the architectural features through sound and light interventions.  Throughout the residency Pendulum grew into a 20 minute installation exploring the interplay between colour, light intensity, abstract visuals vs representation and the connection between sound, architecture and light.
Technically, we explored the ability to trigger light and video actions in relation to sound, using OSC to connect Ableton live with Resolume, Mad Mapper and Vezér.  OSC signals were received and relayed through Vezér to MadMapper to control lighting fixtures and to Resolume to trigger video elements.

The piece uses  three HD projectors, 3 Martin Mac 700 moving head lights and 9 BRITEQ Led Powerbank lights.
As this is a work in progress we hope to develop the piece into a site specific work either for Les Dominicains or at another venue.  It will always be presented as a site specific work that will adapt to the individual details of each space that it is presented in.

A huge thank you to Les Dominicains for inviting us and for facilitating such a great artist residency.



  • Mad Mapper
  • Resolume
  • Vezér
  • Ableton Live


  • Epson HD Projectors x 3
  • Martin Mac 700 x 3
  • BRITEQ LED Powerbanks x 9