Poetically Based Rendering – Working Process

This is a visual diary charting the field trips, physical and digital processes, research and storytelling undertaken in this collaborative project with artist Nayeli Vega. Poetically Based Rendering explores the histories and futures of four bodies of water – four rivers that are either local to Berlin or that my collaborator Nayeli and I have connection to. We choose to work locally to explore the ecosystems and the experiences of rivers available to us, as urban dwellers, to speak from a place of personal connection. This project ties together real locations, materials and living systems with virtual worlds, PBR textures and speculative tales, interrogating the dualities artificial/natural and fictive/real. Our processes include explorations in digital material creation through the software Materialize, virtual world building in Blender 3D and Unreal engine and speculative storytelling in collaboration with the natural language processing AI GPT-3.

Below you will find documentation of these processes in (semi) chronological order.

Poetically Based Rendering is funded by the Stiftung Kunstfonds NEUSTART KULTUR Stipendium.