An Audio-Visual performance project

DualReality is the new solo audio-visual show from Jemma Woolmore aka Jem the Misfit

Inspired by the double image reporting of major world events such as the G20 Summit in Hamburg and the USA Embassy opening in Jerusalem, where two very different video feeds of the same event sit side by side, DualReality plays with this idea of two relevant and equally true perspectives existing around the same event.

In this work, the artist explores ideas around dichotomies, multiplicity, media manipulation and truth.  Using a 2 channel projection to split the image into two distinct halves the performance depicts two abstracts worlds, whose shifting relationship to one another is questioned and affirmed throughout the performance.


Past Performances

  • May 6 2019, Re:publica, Berlin
  • June 28 2018 Acud Macht Neu, Berlin
  • June 6, 2018 Spektrum, Berlin